The various elements that interact with one another in order to produce, manage, store, organize, analyze and share data To put it simply, an ecosystem is a group of elements that interact with one another. Ecosystems can be large, like the jungle in a tropical rainforest or the Australian outback. Or, tiny, like tadpoles in […]

The languages of Data Science  For anyone just getting started on their data science journey, the range of technical options can be overwhelming. There is a dizzying amount of choice when it comes to programming languages. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and there is no one right answer to the question of which one you should […]

Let’s go through the K-Means algorithm using a very simple example. Let’s consider a set of 10 points on a plane and try to group these points into, say, 2 clusters. So let’s see how the K-Means algorithm achieves this goal. [Note: If you don’t know what is meant by Euclidean distance, you’re advised to […]

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