Hi there, I’m Rajeev.

Technology enthusiast

As a passionate technology enthusiast and adept problem-solver, I bring over 18 years of diverse IT expertise across various domains. Delving into data analysis, identifying root causes, and crafting enduring solutions are among my professional joys. I thrive on continuous learning, innovation, and pushing boundaries in the realm of AI/ML.

Presently, I serve as a Senior Architect at DHL in Malaysia, where I leverage my extensive background to drive impactful solutions. Previously, I spearheaded teams at Hewlett Packard, adeptly aligning customer business needs with cost-effective, tailored solutions.

01. Check out my latest blog

I do a lot of reading and learning online and try to capture most of the important stuff, and add it to the blog. Head over to my blog to take a look.

02. Check out my design portfolio

Have I mentioned I’m a designer? Maybe even your next designer! Check out my latest design work on the portfolio.

03. Want to get in touch?

I’m always looking for a new challenge. If you think I’d be a good fit for your next job, let’s have a chat and see where it goes!